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What happened to the bees? it is a film that encourages dialogue around pollinators, such as bees, the use of agrochemicals, which are increasingly known to cause damage to people's health as well as the environment in Mexico and the world.


The documentary invites the conversation about human rights with focus on the collective rights with a focus on the indigenous peoples who actively want to participate in decision-making on projects that are carried out in their land.

The message of this film is a wager of hope to protect life, a call for organizations in different sectors of society to work together to protect our biocultural heritage. It is a sign to show that we care for nature, the respect to the native communities and to defend the territory that is counted on for sustainability projects and hope for their present and their new generations to come.

Honey production in Mexico is an economic activity that thousands of families depend on, not only in the Yucatan peninsula but in many regions of the country. According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mexico is the sixth country producing honey and occupies the third position in exports of the so-called "liquid gold". Therefore the protection of this pollinator and beekeeping is an issue of vital importance for beekeeping communities, and in parallel we must take into account the great diversity of bee species in Mexico (which represents 10 percent of known species in the world). Thanks to these diversity of bees we have  a valuable and an essential environmental service in our ecosystem.

Our target:

​Make visible the negative impact of agro-industrial practices in the Mayan territory:

death of bees, dispossession, contamination of water and soil, deforestation, rupture of the food chain in the ecosystem due to lack of pollinators.



Bees are indicators of a healthy ecosystem, however, they are threatened by:

Changes in land use for agricultural, livestock, forestry, and urban purposes.

Climate change

Genetically modified crops

Monocultures, especially those of corn, mean the elimination of native flowers that are a source of food for bees.

Destruction of hives



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